Gujarat man marries Assam’s lady don via matrimony website

Rita Chauhan, a wanted criminal in Assam, was posing as Rita Das on the dating site.

A man hailing from Gujarat has filed a petition with the magistrate in Porbandar asking for his marriage to be annulled after he came to know that his wife was a wanted criminal in Assam.

The man identified as Vimal Karia learned his wife’s real name and criminal history just six months after marrying the woman he met via a dating website.

Rita Chauhan, a wanted criminal in Assam, was posing as Rita Das on the dating site. For the past 24 years, Rita Chauhan and her ex-husband Anil Chauhan were accused of stealing more than 6000 cars. Delhi Police detained Anil Chauhan in September last year. Rita has been charged with forgery, theft, murder, and rhinoceros hunting.

Using a matrimonial website, Rita Das from Guwahati, Assam, and Vimal Karia got in touch and started talking. Shortly after that, the pair decided to get married. Although Rita’s first divorce was indicated in her profile, Vimal requested her divorce decree before making wedding plans.

Rita subtly dodged the inquiry by mentioning that her first marriage took place in a panchayat. However, the pair wed in Ahmedabad. Six months after their wedding, Rita told Vimal that she had to go to Assam to take care of a land issue. The two continued to speak on the phone for a few days, but Vimal’s calls stopped. Vimal’s phone was answered one day by Rita’s lawyer, who informed him that Rita had been arrested and needed bail of Rs 1 lakh while reassuring him that the issue was not serious.

It was only after Vimal checked Rita’s court documents that he got to know her real name, Rita Chauhan. After doing a google search, he learned that his wife is a criminal with charges including fraud, theft, murder, and hunting.

She once told Vimal that she needed to travel to Assam to handle a legal matter. As she travelled to Assam, she carried her husband’s ATM card, Rs 5,000 in cash, and even a phone. She subsequently stopped returning his calls, though. It was only after further research that it was discovered she was already married. She was once married to serial auto thief Anil Chauhan. She admitted to having no touch with Anil, who is presently incarcerated, to Dainik Bhaskar. Rita reportedly claimed, “I married Anil in 2007, and the auto theft case was lodged in 2015.” I haven’t talked to Anil since then. Currently, Anil Chauhan is a prison inmate.

The Guwahati Police claimed Rita was in charge of obtaining Anil’s ticket in 2015 so he could access the gathering’s grounds. She was then taken into custody in relation to the theft of a BMW vehicle.

With the help of her friend, the then-Congress MLA Rumi Nath, Rita was able to obtain the admission permission. Rumi Nath questioned Rita about it and she said that her husband had expressed a desire to inspect the property. Notable is the fact that the former Congress Lawmaker was detained in 2015 in connection with an Indian-wide auto theft ring. She was then asked to leave the gathering.

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