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BJP, RSS turned “Beautiful Manipur” into “Mayhem Manipur” alleges Brinda Karat during AIDWA visit to Kangpokpi

The pioneer of changing rape laws in India, Brinda Karat also accused Manipur CM N. Biren Singh of playing the most divisive and partisan role despite his responsibility of looking after all the people of Manipur.

An Indian Marxist politician Brinda Karat slammed N. Biren Singh led the BJP Government in Manipur for the wide-scale inhuman violence in the state.

A three-person team from the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) visited the conflict-torn Manipur state, including the 76-year-old former Rajya Sabha member.

According to Brinda Karat, the first female member of the CPI(M) Politburo, Manipur’s chaos is only conceivable due of the state government’s participation, notably the Chief Minister’s position as head of the government of Manipur.

The pioneer of changing rape laws in India, Brinda Karat also accused Manipur CM N. Biren Singh of playing the most divisive and partisan role despite his responsibility of looking after all the people of Manipur.

She claimed that in Manipur, women have experienced the most cruel violence and that tribal women in particular have suffered the worst sexual assaults. Brinda Karat stated, “We are here to express our solidarity and support as well as to learn about the awful politics here in this significant area of India, where the BJP and RSS have succeeded in transforming a most beautiful state into complete mayhem.

In response to a question about how to end the more than three-month-long violence, Brinda Karat stated that the immediate removal of the Chief Minister is a prerequisite for moving towards any political solution because a man who is guilty of ruining and destroying the state has no right to remain in power.

In order to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur, she added, it is crucial to instill confidence in the local populace, especially in the tribal regions. The majority of the tribal areas have autonomy in the other Northeastern states, although Brinda Karat drew attention to the fact that this autonomy has only been decreased in name.

Therefore, the eviction of so many indigenous families who had legal and constitutional rights to that land and forest was where the whole thing began, and it is a really big problem in terms of identity, livelihood, and rights, she continued.

The former Rajya Sabha MP further said that as far as the political solutions are concerned, it is the people of the state to decide what is the way forward, what we can only say is the terrible violence must stop.

“We stand by the brave women of Manipur irrespective of their ethnic identity or their religion in this critical situation and pledge to see that the forces of divisiveness do not disrupt women’s struggle towards equality and dignity”, said the former General Secretary of AIDWA.

Meanwhile, Mariam Dhawale said that All India Democratic Women’s Association is an independent, activist women’s joint organization committed to achieving democracy, equality and women’s emancipation formed in the year 1981 as a national-level mass organization of women. The AIDWA responded to the issues of women from all strata, regardless of caste, class, or creed. At the same time, it retains a central focus among the poorer sections of women who constitute the majority of India’s female population while it mobilized women to struggle for and claim their democratic entitlements.

“Food Security and health services in Manipur are important interventions that the administration must immediately do. At the all-India level also we have been trying to raise the issue of the women of Manipur and also to help them”, she added.

Over the viral video that hung the Indian heads in shame, AIDWA General Secretary said that the women of India are outraged at the brutality on the one hand and the impunity and brazenness of the perpetrators.

“It is very shocking that these videos were not only recorded but also posted on digital platforms revealing the identity of these women which violates the dignity and rights of the survivors”.

The All India Democratic Women’s Association during the visit to Kangpokpi met with various victims of Manipur violence including raped survivor, raped victims parents, etc. They also extended financial help to the victims, and parents of the victims while visiting relief camps and taking stock of the situation.

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