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IAF Maintenance Command develops a real-time tracking system based on satellites

A senior official of Indian Air Forces Maintenance Command has created a satellite-based real-time aircraft monitoring system that can obtain data regarding the position of an aircraft. Speaking with reporters, Air Marshal Vibhas Pande, AOC-in-C, Maintenance Command, stationed here, said the aircraft tracking system would be put into place after the conclusion of the last testing ongoing in the eastern sector.

The aircraft tracking system will be put into place once the last trial ongoing in the eastern sector is concluded, according to Air Marshal Vibhas Pande, Air Officer Commanding in Chief (AOC-in-C), Maintenance Command, located here. A real-time aircraft monitoring system, which allows the Air Force to receive updates on the whereabouts of a flying aircraft every 30 seconds, has been built locally by one of the Base Repair Depots (BRD) under the auspices of the Air Force’s Maintenance Command, he claimed.

According to Air Marshal Pande, the tracking technology is satellite-based and can follow an aircraft’s journey. The eastern sector is currently conducting the system’s final trial, after which all aircraft will receive the update, according to him. Trials in other industries are finished, he declared. The Maintenance Command’s many initiatives and steps to improve IAF maintenance and operational readiness were also discussed by Air Marshal Pande.

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