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Mr. Uday Kumar (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute) a knee amputee sets world record carrying a largest Indian Flag

A light of resilience and determination that breaks through barriers and redefines what is possible emerges in a world where problems frequently seem insurmountable. Mountain Rhenock stands at 16,500 feet in the beautiful Kanchenjunga National Park of West Sikkim. Mr. Uday Kumar, a 35-year-old amputee with a 91% physical disability above the knee, has made history with his breathtaking ascent of the mountain. This incredible accomplishment defies expectations and establishes new benchmarks for bravery and inclusivity in addition to representing personal success.

More than just an ascend, the expedition which was led by the esteemed Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in Darjeeling was a monument to the strength of the human spirit. The expedition was led and organised by Group Captain Jai Kishan, Principal of HMI. It was an embodiment of the forward-thinking programmes supported by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, which centred on empowering people with disabilities under the slogans of “Mera Yuva Bharat” and “Divyangjan.”

Mr. Kumar set out on a voyage from March 5th to March 18th, 2024, overcoming the odds against him. He persisted over the hazardous slopes and erratic weather, getting closer to his objective with each stride. On top of scenic Mount Rhenock, Mr. Kumar became the first amputee to raise the largest Indian flag, measuring an incredible 780 square feet, marking the culmination of an incredible trip. Through this achievement, he not only made history in the mountaineering community but also broke the previous record for the largest national flag flown by a person with a disability.

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