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Gurugram man offers ‘Boyfriend on Rent’ Service on V Day

Shakul Gupta, from Gurugram is providing his "Rent a Boyfriend" on Valentines Day

Shakul Gupta, a 31-year-old techie from Gurugram, is providing his “Rent a Boyfriend” services for a humorous charge to all the single women who want to have fun during the season of love.

Gupta said that the sole reason he provides dating services to single ladies is to eliminate their loneliness during the week of Valentine’s Day in a post that is currently going popular on social media. He also made it clear that he is not using this service for sexual or business purposes.

Taking to Instagram, Gupta wrote, “Loneliness is underrated. I believe we hide our loneliness, especially well on Valentine’s Day. As happy as I’d seem on the outside, I’d feel jealous watching my friends date. Before becoming a “Boyfriend on Rent,” I’d never been on a date in my life! To my disappointment, the women I asked out only saw me as a “friend” too. Although self-love was helpful, I craved companionship & romance (sic).

Gurugram man offers 'Boyfriend on Rent' Service on V Day

“Hearing couples say “I love you” to each other on V-Day would get on my nerves, for it reminded me of my inability to have a girlfriend & made me feel unwanted (sic),” he added.

“However, it was through feeling alone that the idea of being a boyfriend on rent was born. I figured, “There must be several other singles who feel as lonely as I do (sic), he further added!”

He also mentioned, “And I was right! 5 years ago, I wrote a post online, “I’m a generous & open-minded man. I can give you my shoulder to lean on or be your friend this V-Day. I can double up as your make-up practice model, or if you prefer being lazy, I can make you any kind of food while you relax!” My post went viral & I got over 1000 messages from interested women; I was taken aback! I wanted to make my dates memorable for the women I was going to take out (sic).”


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